ToT'in Bone'Z Custom Titanium Iron

Item Code:ITB
Base Price:$28.95
Availability: Usually ship in 24 to 48 hrs
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Grip Size:
Assembled with Spineline/Frequency Checked
Total Price:$48.95
For many years, there were no golf equipments for seated golfers. In 2003, Bang Golf developed an innovative golf club series for the first time in golf history that enabled seated golfers to compete and play in golf courses.

Specification & Availability

Loft Lie LH F/A F/H F/W Bore B/R I/D O/D Wt Availability
(#3) 20º 37º 32mm .370 13.8mm 243g Instock, ship today
(#5) 27º 40º 32mm .370 13.8mm 250g Instock, ship today
(#7) 35º 42º 32mm .370 13.8mm 257g Instock, ship today
(#9) 43º 44º 32mm .370 13.8mm 264g Instock, ship today
(#D) 51º 44º 32mm .370 13.8mm 271g Instock, ship today
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