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Presto Man's Club Sets 27 pcs, Graphite Shaft

Retail Price: $279.00   Your Price: $179.00
Presto Man's Club Sets are superb in quality and elegant in styles. The rough face irons provides the most favorable ball spin and the hand-crafted CNC putter face gives you the most controllable putting experiences. The club set comes with high quality Presto graphite shafts and a high quality light weighted carry bag.


Mellow Yellow SQUARE 460cc Beta Titanium Driver

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $143.95
Gain 40 yards automatically! That's how so many exciting customers called in and told us. The elegant square design and the low center of gravity let you hit the ball straighter and farther, and it's simply hard for you to make a hook or slice.


St Andrews Man's Iron Sets Titanium Face 3-PW, AW, SW 10 pcs, Graphite

Retail Price: $999.00   Your Price: $248.00
This is not your regular irons. The face is made of true beta titanium, and the head is balanced with copper-tungsten insert. For a limited time, this iron set is sold at a low promotional price.


Bang-O-Matic Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Black

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $135.95


BangStorm 100% Beta Titanium Driver 460cc Black/Blue

Retail Price: $179.95   Your Price: $158.95


Mellow Yellow 420cc Beta Titanium Driver

Retail Price: $139.95   Your Price: $79.95


Bangster 100% Beta Titanium Driver 430cc TICN Black

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $143.95


Bang-O-Matic Hybrid, Maraging Steel Black/Blue

Retail Price: $75.95   Your Price: $62.95


Big Big Bang 525cc Beta Titanium Driver

Retail Price: $159.95   Your Price: $149.95


Bang-O-Matic CADET Putter

Retail Price: $139.95   Your Price: $109.95
Controlled-Accuracy-Distance-Engineered- Technology

The 3 different hardness interchangeable face inserts allow golfers to control their ball speed while using the single putter and maintain their usual method of putting.

The red face insert has a soft feel and gives the slowest ball speed. The white face insert is medium in hardness and generates an increased ball speed. The blue face insert is the hardest and provides the fastest ball speed.

The toe-weight has a significant role to prevent slicing, and the heel-weight to stop hooking.

The RH/LH putters use the double bent shaft to perfectly balance the putter face. The center hole putter uses the single bent shaft that can also be assembled with the long shaft putter as well.


Presto Junior's Club Set 11 pcs, Age 3-6

Retail Price: $99.00   Your Price: $59.00
Premium quality Presto Club Sets for kids. All clubs are right handed, with graphite shafts.

Available age groups are: age 3-6, age 6-9 and age 9-12. Check out all of them in our Golf Sets department.


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